Our chairman



As Chairman of the HAF my goal is to educate the community and lead our board to achieve our established objectives. I believe that in such a small community like the BVI, we will be able to make a significant change and contribution to set example for how it is possible to have a new generation free of HIV/AIDS. 

our executive Board


We are committed to the prevention of HIV transmission through sexual health education programes, advocacy for people living with HIV to access quality comprehensive treatment, care and support within a comfortable environment, as well as to the reduction of stigma and discrimination.

Arletta Bikerton


Purnell Thomas


Dr Ronald McAnaney



The Foundation will be known and recognized as the lead non-governmental organization in the British Virgin Islands to reduce HIV transmission and advocate for the rights of people living with HIV.


Joining the foundation is open to all individuals and organizations that have agreed to accept the Mission and Vision and Objectives of the Foundation and they are required to pay a annual membership fee of $25 dollars. To join please contact us here!


Joining the foundation is open to all individuals 

  • ​​​To develop programs to reduce and halt HIV transmission in the BVI, including sexual health programs.
  • To advocate on behalf of living with HIV and defend their human rights, seeking to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS and instances of discrimination.
  • ​ To promote the dissemination of information about sexual health, safe sexual practices and regular testing in the BVI, non-governmental organizations and the Government of the British Virgin Islands with a view to raising awareness about HIV-AIDS.

  • To ​help people living with HIV/AIDS obtain good-quality treatment and care and support in an environment of privacy and confidentiality.



Mr. Marvin Grant

Dr. Irad Potter

Dr. Ronald Georges