Free Testing

Let us help you

HAF provides  free and confidential HIV testing services Monday through Friday by appointment. Tests are performed at our offices on 33 Porters Rd in Road Town. Appointments can be made at 284 541 4243 or via email at


creating a stronger and healthier community

HAFadvocates on a national and state level to ensure the continuation of funding that is necessary to meet the needs of those living with HIV/AIDS in the BVI. HAF also advocates locally to alleviate the destructive and erroneous stigmas faced by those living with HIV/AIDS.

Prevention & Education

The key for a future generation free of HIv/aids

HAF provides education courses, where our prevention education specialist goes into the community and offers presentations on topics related to HIV/AIDS. These talks are age-appropriate and can be geared towards the needs of the target audience.

Case Management

We are here to help you!

The HIV/AIDS FOUNDATION volunteers provide comprehensive medical and non-medical case management services for individuals living with HIV or AIDS. The services include, but are not limited to, housing assistance, medication payment assistance, transportation assistance, procurement of food and personal hygiene items, support groups, and referrals as necessary. Volunteers address immediate needs, as well as those concerning long-term self-sufficiency.